Love Is Everywhere

I was given the love key during a time when I was really beginning to go deeper with my relationship to this word. The event where I was given the key started a serious of "mishaps" of the universe taking away in order for me to rebuild: van broke down, phone broke, computer crashed. All connections to the world stuff. This ulltimately led me to really evaluating where I wanted to put my money/energy.

The van is symbolic for me and it is my vehicle to the next phase in my life as I am transitioning very deeply right now and it is requiring some major repair on my relationship with myself.

There is one specific person in my life, very much a soul sister, just beginning her journey yet much wiser in her heart than I was at her age. She is teaching me so much of love, friendship and intimacy. She shows up for me and reminds me I am supported. She's the one that helped me get my van back to LA and now she is on her own journey to Peru so I gave her the key to carry with her as she is struggling right now in understanding what that word means to her in her life.

We are all connected. Love is everywhere. Since I was given that key I have gone deeper into my realtionship with these truths.

Life is sweet. Pass it on. Thank you. This is beautiful.


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