Making Compassion Your Life's Work

Imagine finding out overnight that you have a 4.5 year old daughter. Then imagine dropping everything, falling immediately in love with her, and in response, making compassion your life's work. Enter your favorite survivor contestant Ken McNickle - aka one of my best friends. Yeah, really!

So, I just thought I should tell the second part of the courage lock and strength key that I gave him almost a year back, when it just so happened that he was launching an amazing organization called HumaneKind Projects with the mission of using acts of compassion to breakdown social barriers... The focus of our work is with the homeless and the lock and key seemed in keeping with the spirit of our determination.

That lock has now been to Fiji as, in the mean time, he gave his daughter the key to wear the entire 6-7 weeks he was gone for Survivor - and watch closely... So far (4 episodes) he's never taken the courage lock off. But the part that is just so heart achingly sweet?? At age six, his daughter learned Kenneth was going away and that they would be separated for 2 months after never missing each other for more than a week since they'd met. Her reaction was amazing - he said he could maybe "do something big", and immediately she said "you mean maybe could help more homeless people?!" 

Amazing right? Yeah - those are my peeps...


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