Megan Mabrey x The Giving Keys #Strength #Believe #Dream

I have

Gifted a Giving Key

With the word


My Story

A key that started a tradition. Almost four years ago I received my FabFitFun box and opened it with excitement. It had been only months since I started living on my own again after my marriage ended after 11 years. A key with the word “believe” was in the box with a card that told me a story. This key was the perfect item and I knew I received it at a time I needed it the most. I needed to believe everything was going to be ok and that this new journey I was on would be one that brought me happiness and strength.

This key has been my staple from that moment on. That first key gave me what I needed and was gifted to a new friend struggling with fertility. At that time, she needed the strength of the key and the word believe. I loved my key so much I purchased a new one and put it right back on. The next one went to a friend going through some relationship issues, she needed to believe too. A new key purchased, worn and then passed on.

This one to a friend who found out she had cancer. She needed to believe. The next key purchased and worn until a friend told me her story and how she was going to go through a divorce. I knew she needed exactly what I did at that time in my life. Another believe key given. Over the past almost 4 years I have given nine keys to women struggling with divorce, cancer, fertility, relationship struggles, medical scares and loss. I still wear a key.

The last one I gave away was strength (perfect for me to go through my pregnancy and giving birth to my baby girl & given to a women making a huge change in her life) and today I wear a key that says dream. This key has given me so much and allowed me to give even more. I will continue to pass on keys to women who need it more than me in that moment in time.

 Megan Mabrey

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