In 2013 I had a stroke at the age of 60.

God miraculously brought me through that.

Doctors found out I had Hydrocephalus at that time. Early in 2014 I had surgery to place a shunt to relieve the symptoms. The shunt became infected, and, it was removed.

However, I also developed another infection from which I only had a 30% chance of survival. My brain also "forgot" how to send signals to my legs, so, I ended up in a wheelchair.

God brought me through that also.

With therapy I learned to walk again and only need to use a wheelchair for long distances. In 2015 I had another stroke.

Again, God healed me.

My husband and I were visiting friends several months ago. My husband purchased Giving Keys at that time. Mine said Hope; my friend told me it should say Miracle.

I passed Hope on to a friend whose husband has Alzheimer's. I ordered a new key which reads Miracle. I don't know who will be gifted next, or, what my next word will be.