My Story Isn't Over

My son and I were blessed to visit The Giving Keys while on vacation in 2015. This was just before they started to sell the locks.  

Small backstory- I've purchase a few keys- for myself and as gifts for others. I've passed my keys along and would get myself another. I never told my Pay it Forward stories. 

I finally was able to get my lock I so desperately wanted. HOPE. That was my lock word. Who doesn't need HOPE?! For many many months. It became my world late April and early May this year. Health issues that required surgery and the unknowing that I would come out the other side. My story isn't over, it felt like all I had was HOPE. Everything went well for me and I'm bouncing back, slowly, one day at a time. 

Of the 21 first cousins in my family, only 6 of us are girls. Sadly, one of us has been assaulted by Cancer. Stubborn is a strong gene in our family, and she kicked it's A$$! Unfortunately, we just found out, it may be back. While visiting with her, with another cousin, carrying on and laughing like the crazies we are.... I gave her my lock. She needs HOPE right now. She's very aware of The Giving Keys - I post/repost on Facebook all the time. She immediately teared up and covered her face with her blankets. To which our other cousin spouted "You didn't react like that when I brought your Sprite, geez". We all laughed - it was perfect.