Pass On A Little Hope

This is a story about the two keys I have given away.

The very first key I bought said HOPE. I was working in a job job that was draining me and destroying my soul. As I started to make plans to move on from my job, I found my hope and my peace. I wore the key to work one day in May as the school year was winding down. I decided to pass the key along to one of my coworkers. I could sense that she was in need and struggling. I wanted to pass on a little HOPE to her and let know that someone cared. 

The second key I bought was STRENGTH. I bought it not long after giving away my HOPE key. This key I did not keep for as long. As I type this, I am mailing it to a friend in Nashville who is grieving the loss of a friend. She has also struggled with her health. I wanted her to have a little piece of STRENGTH and for her to know that God and I are with her.