Pay Hope Forward

My co-worker was diagnosed with stage 3B cervical cancer that has spread. 32% survival rate. She is 28 years old, single, with a 9 year old son. I wasn't thinking of my key, then suddenly I awoke this morning with thoughts of brining in the key to work. My coworker was so sad and bewildered, I walked into her office and said I have a gift for you. I put the key over her heard and explained I bought the key several months ago, and was waiting for the opportunity when I could pay hope forward.

She began to cry and I was crying with her, she said "I need hope, I am sad I wont see my son marry or have children. And my parents will have to bury their daughter." 

I have to say it felt good inside to give this to her. I genuinely want her to find that inner strength to make this long journey.