Rashelle Dadula x The Giving Keys #TheTrueGift

In one word, what do you think is the true gift of the holidays? 

Time (We live in a faced-paced society and sometimes we aren't truly present in the moment, so it's important for us to enjoy the time we have each day.)


Why do you think human connection is so important in the world today?


Human connection is important because we live in a society where most interactions can easily be taken away from our digital devices. When we interact with one another there is an opportunity to grow, learn, be creative, and encourage those around us to obtain their potential.


What word is on your key? What does it mean to you? 

"Faith" Even though the world changes, God's love remains the same today, tomorrow, and forever. This gives me the faith to know that no matter the circumstances or storms I may face he is the same God in my life and I can lean on him. 

"Believe" Doesn't matter the age, time, or day you can still believe that your dreams are achievable. I am at a career change in my life where even though I have worked extremely hard to achieve the education and experience in the education setting there are other goals and dreams I want to obtain. At this moment, even when I have been applying and have been consistently told no from a variety of companies I am believing that if I still work hard, put the time and investment into "my" goals, and continue to nourish what I enjoy doing I will see the results. 


Tell us the story of how you have passed on your key or how you plan to pass it on.

By passing on this key to others, my hope is to inspire others that believing in yourself first will give you the strength to achieve anything.


Bio: My name is Rashelle Dadule! I am a wife and momma to two beautiful boys. I am currently working towards becoming a content creator for other brands. My goal is to help other companies achieve their targeted audience by giving them my 'TRUE" self. In my spare time I love to explore new coffee shops, purchase clothing online at 11:00 P.M. at night while everyone is asleep, have great dialogues with people about their ambition, and hang out with the "Dadula" gang.

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