She Is Love

I have purchased a Giving Key, and the word is love. The word LOVE is going to one of my best friends whom I grew up with. Her name is Heather....we have gone long spans of time after graduating from high school without staying in touch, but when we get back together it is as if time has stayed still. She went on to become very career oriented and has done very well. I got married and had two children. Our lives had gone in totally different directions. She continued to succeed in her career and I was busy being a wife and mother. Over the years she had been in relationships but had never truly felt LOVED by someone. She yearned for that. She would always mention how the family Christmas cards with photos made her heart break because she had not found that. A few years ago we reconnected and have stayed in better contact. She called me one day and told me of a career opportunity in LA (she is in Ohio) and was considering it but needed a slight push. I cheered her on! Do it! Although she doesn't have children, she has a mother who heavily relies on her emotionally. Heather is worried about leaving. Heather is LOVE. She gives so much of herself to the people she loves. I told her to go for it and explore her life and that her mother would want the same for her. She ended up moving and succeeding in her new career in a Big way...she is beautiful, she is kind, she is smart, she has a career, she IS love but she yearns to be LOVED. This is my word for Heather. Love.