Simple Word... So Much Power

A while back I bought myself the BREATHE key, it spoke to me. I wore it constantly and often found myself subconsciously holding and reflecting upon it, particularly in trying moments and periods of doubt, frustration, anger or sadness. It is hard to believe that in these moments a simple word could have so much power to pull me up and remind me that despite the moment or no matter how bleak things may appear, that they weren’t necessarily as bad as they seemed.

I cherished my key.

Last week, I was asked about it and what it was for, was it a key to something in particular? I explained what The Giving Keys represented and what it was all about and in that moment was inspired to present it to my niece, who has been experiencing many challenges and having a tough time lately. She cried. To see her pain and gratitude upon presenting it to her, my heart filled. I can only hope that she will benefit as much as I did and that it will make things a little easier for her by just taking moments to stop and BREATHE.