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Something So Small Made Such A Difference

I bought one of your beautiful black key necklaces with the word BREATHE on it. I loved it so much because, at the time, I was having such bad anxiety attacks that I literary lost my voice and, since my job involved me talking on the phone, I was out of work on medical leave while a therapist worked with me to help trick my brain into allowing my voice to come back. This whole process took about a month.

During this time my best friend, whom I met at work was having a really hard time dealing with depression and anxiety, and was handling it by drinking, which made it worse. One day, while staying over at her house, I saw her like this. It broke my heart.

I took off my necklace and told her I thought she needed it more than I did. She thought it was just a key at first, and was extremely confused until she saw the word. She was overjoyed and thankful, and hung it where in a place she could always see it. I don't know if she still has it or passed it on, but just seeing how something so small made such a difference made my heart smile.

I'm deciding on my next word and key, and am excited to see who I'll be led to give it to.


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