Strength For My Closest Friends

I pass along two keys to two of my closest friends, Pam and Deborah. Both with different stories, but both well deserving of this key. 

Deborah is a gorgeous, kind, smart, and sensitive mother of four boys, who also works hard at her job as an interior decorator. Raising four boys who are all extremely successful is no easy job. She makes it look easy – but everyone knows it is not. I'm not going to make you cry with her story, this is just a happy story of a strong, smart, beautiful woman who exemplifies the word "strength" in every sense of the word. 

My other key is for my friend Pam. She too is beautiful, funny, fun to be around, genuine, trustworthy, and strong. She has three amazingly successful children and has faced many challenges along the way. Pam's first marriage did not end well, but she found the love of her life in her second marriage to a terrific and caring man. I am giving her the word "strength" because I am sure it is what she really wants. She is a strong woman who overcomes her obstacles one at a time, and has found true happiness with her family, new husband and friends.