Strengthen Her Faith

After originally purchasing this key for myself three years ago as a reminder to Let Go and Let God, I honestly thought I might never find that person who needs these words more than I do. I thought maybe I'm just meant to always wear this, that I just haven't accepted letting go and letting God. But I was wrong, as today became the day I gave my key to someone who needs this reminder more than I do. My faith has been challenged greatly in the past three years, but not in the way my friend's faith is being challenged right now. My best friend is quickly losing her mom to a tough battle with cancer, and it's all happening so fast; her faith is being challenged in unimaginable ways and finding the strength to let God is even harder. I'm truly honored to share this necklace with my best friend, and I can't imagine a better person to give it to. I pray she uses these words to turn to God to strengthen her, establish her, love her, and cover her in abundant grace. I'm so glad I bought this necklace three years ago, and I am beyond honored to give this key away.