Taught Me To Find Strength And To Believe

My sweet little Kylie, my first daughter, died of SIDS almost 14 years ago. She was only 3 months and 19 days old. I once felt that I could not smile, love or live again after her death.

My sweet little Kylie has taught me to live with invincible strength without her. She has taught me to find strength within myself each day, even when I think it isn’t possible. My sweet little Kylie taught me to find the strength to believe that I could live with a broken heart and smile again.

Her little sister, Kenzie, is the rainbow that came after this dark storm. Kenzie teaches me daily to believe that I can smile, love, laugh and live.

Their dad bought me two sets of keys for Mother's Day so that I could embrace the words STRENGTH and BELIEVE and so that I could give a set to my two daughters. Although my sweet Kylie can't wear her necklace, her little sister can. Kenzie can wear a set to embrace strength and believe what wonderful things life has to offer.

My two daughters inspire me to be a strong mom who can love, smile and live again.