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Thank You For Loving Him

I bought the Love Key intentionally to be able to give it away!! I am beyond grateful and can't find the words to express my gratitude to this person. She loves my son and treats him with dignity and respect. My son now has more ambition, and he wants to make her happy. She tends to my son when he is sick, and she is good, simply good. I bought this necklace intentionally, to give to Jordan, to say Thank you and I LOVE you. I am using this necklace because I can't think of any other way to say thank you for someone I have prayed for since the day my son was born! Duncan appears more content than I have ever seen him! May God Bless you, Jordan, for loving Duncan and fitting into our family & he into yours....just as I prayed you would for so many years! I pray for the two of you to have happiness in abundance!!! May God bless you today & always!!! LOVE you!


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