A Journey of Forgiveness and Courage

I was given this Key by a best friend who gave it to me while I was going through a divorce where I was being emotionally abused by a man in active addiction of opiates. It took a lot of courage to muster the strength to call it quits and end the relationship. I felt things like guilt and failure, but it wasn't those things. I reframed it to be courage and strength. Without my village of friends and family, I may have never left, still holding on hope that things would get better. I feel that this was an amazing journey that lead me to a path of forgiveness and made me a stronger, better person. 
I am giving my key to a colleague today as she goes through a similar experience and needs the courage to make the best choice for her life and that of her child. 
Thank you for creating such things to instill hope and to give that little push back to the strength we need to do what is healthy for ourselves in time of darkness...