That Is Exactly What You Are Going To Do

Life has not been the easiest journey for myself lately. Not everyone has it easy. Not everyone has it tough.

I was lucky the first half of my life. Life was not tough. I did not have health issues, and those around me did not either. That soon changed.

My dad was dying before his brother saved him with an organ. I watched my grandfather suffer from cancer for seven years followed by his death in that cold hospital room. I was then diagnosed with thing after thing. I live with a pituitary syndrome, a kidney disease, a stomach disorder, mental health disorders, and now a thyroid disorder as of today that has changed my body dramatically.

When I hit my worst yesterday amid all of the testing, my grandma took me shopping. I did not feel like going, but I did anyway. I thought that I could use a day out of the house with my best pal to boost my spirits.

We were getting to check out and leaving a local boutique when my grandma picked up a locket on a small table. It was the only one in the entire store along with all of the other singular unique items. The store was closing, and they never did carry many of the same item. She said to me, "Look, it says DREAM. That is exactly what you are going to do, huh?" I smiled, and she walked over to the register to place it on top of the other things that we had chosen to buy. She said to the girl, "I think we are ready now."


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