This Woman Deserves Love

I met her at an upscale restaurant, we spoke about everything and then nothing at all while exchanging glances across the restaurant table. Nothing felt awkward. There was no fake phone call like, "Ummm I have to go babysit. I'll see you later." If anything I didn't want the time to end.

"Wow," I thought to myself. This woman is beautiful. There is nothing I didn't like about her no matter how hard I looked. Someone could have gave me the shiniest mirror and I still would have found her flawless. But not only was she beautiful, she was intriguing. Something about me wanted to know more and more about her. Maybe it's because I felt like she was keeping a lot inside and waiting for the right person to come along to let it out. And maybe I wanted it to be me.

We continued to hangout and everything seemed perfect. The chemistry was right there. The night would eventually end, I would bring her home and always tell her to get home safe knowing the door was right there. It was just something to make her smile, and I hope she caught on. When I would wake up in the morning, I would think about her and text her to make sure she's having a good day, and I hoped she felt the same way about me too I guess.

But she didn't. I listened to her talk about her ex-boyfriend and the new guy she was going to see and even though it hurt deep down inside I wanted her to be happy, even if it wasn't with me. I saw how these guys brought nothing to the table, so I started to do everything I could for her to show her what she is worth. I texted her everyday to make sure she was okay and because I truly missed her. Sometimes I wonder if she knows what she's worth. I would do anything and everything to make sure she does.

Today I took my key off, and tomorrow it is hers.

Sometimes in life, you care more about someone than you do about yourself and, believe me, I care a lot about myself. This woman deserves LOVE, this woman deserves my key and I hope if you're reading this, you accept LOVE soon.