The Strength That Kept Me Alive

I bought my key several years ago when I was at my darkest in my struggle with depression. I found that the word STRENGTH was a reminder for me to be strong every day, and I left the necklace on for several months straight.

Once I made it through the toughest time in my life, I misplaced the necklace. It was probably a year since I had seen the necklace and, last week, I found out that the younger brother of a close friend had committed suicide. I had grown up with the family and he was like a younger brother to me. The thought of someone so close to me going through the same pain I had years before was impossible to imagine.

The night after he passed, a vigil was held and, coming home from the vigil, I remembered exactly where my key was. I knew in that moment that there was a reason that I had suddenly found the necklace. Something inside me knew that she needed the STRENGTH that got me through my depression now more than ever. She was dealing with the loss of a younger brother while having to live her life as a young woman as well.

She needed the STRENGTH that got me through my hard times, and giving the necklace was another way for me to give her the STRENGTH that kept me alive.