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The STRENGTH to Overcome

The STRENGTH to Overcome

When my boyfriend checked into rehab for alcohol, I ordered a STRENGTH key and a LOVE Key. I knew that I would need an incredible amount of STRENGTH & LOVE to help him get through the program.

After he completed 30 days, we attended his first AAA meeting together. At this meeting, a man described his struggle to stay sober and save his marriage and his children's perception of him. He was only 2 weeks sober without rehab. 

At the end of the meeting, they ask if anyone is compelled to share anything. I nervously raised my hand. I shared that I had ordered a Giving Key with the word STRENGTH in order to encourage me as I was helping my boyfriend get sober in rehab.

He had just completed the program earlier that day, and so I felt I no longer needed my STRENGTH key. I told the group that I was compelled to give my STRENGTH Key to this man.

I believed that he had the STRENGTH to overcome. I hoped that every time he looked at the key he knew he had the STRENGTH and faith of others as well.


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