The Strength to Rebuild

9.25.2010 was the most perfect day, as any Bride would describe their wedding day. I was lucky to have fallen in love and stayed in love with my high school sweetheart. Though their were many struggles and adventures through the years, after college the question was asked and I said heck YES! We bought the perfect house and started filling it with an adorable puppy! It was my perfect fairy tale life.  

Abruptly the fairy tale was over 10.15.11, my husband was killed in a horrible accident. My life was shattered, my world completely came to an end. I knew no other feeling than loving this man for 9 plus years, all through my young life in school and out. I was completely lost without him.

A great friend gave me the Strength Giving Key. She told me to dream something you never thought you could do and go do it with no hesitations, with no strings. I did just that! I took the ounce of strength my friend gave me and moved to the city to further my career and make a brand new start for myself.  

1.1.2017 I have found more strength than I ever thought was possible. My family, friends, and faith helped me find the strength I needed to find peace and heal. I have met an honorable man who wants to start a journey with me. I am so blessed that I took that step and found a new me, a new life, and a new path that led me to today.  

I now am passing on the strength to a good friend who has lost her sister to cancer at a very young age. I hope she can find the same strength I did.


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