Together, Forever

Two years ago I was living in Los Angeles when I met a man from Maryland. We began dating long distance and for a year we travelled back and forth to see each other each month. Very early on I purchased a Giving Key with the word "TOGETHER" on it with the intention to share it with each other. Symbolizing us always being together, it was a blessing that got us through weeks of lonely days and nights. I wore it for the first month, then passed it to him to wear for the next month...continuing this back and forth exchange for a year until I eventually moved to Maryland. 

On October 9th, 2016 we will be married in the Bahamas and I have yet again purchased another Giving Key for our wedding. This one says "FOREVER".

After two years of being together, we will now spend forever with one another. These two keys will be framed next to one another with our wedding date upon our return.