More Than I'll Ever Know

I only had my key for 10 days when I felt God telling me to give it away!

It was Black Friday 2015; I work for Loreal Fragrance and I'm a vendor for Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani. I saw a customer shopping. She was dressed for Christmas with her reindeer antlers on her head, looking around the fragrance counter. I started a conversation with her asking how her shopping was going and I'll never forget her response "I'm just enjoying the time I have, you never know how long your going to have, it's just a blessing to be here." Concerned, I started taking to her and she proceeded to tell me how she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and wasn't sure how long she had. Immediately I teared up and could feel myself grabbing my necklace, also asking God "really Lord, I literally just got this 10 days ago for my birthday," but the feeling I had was like no other, so I asked her if she had ever heard of the The Giving Keys? Of corse she hadn't, so I explained the meaning behind them, what the company was all about, and that I felt she needed my necklace more than I did. My necklace said FAITH. I told her she is going to be fine and will be fine as long as she has FAITH!

So there we stood, crying, hugging in the middle of Macy's on Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. At that moment nothing seemed important, except giving this complete stranger my key to encourage her to continue to have faith to live and survive. She told me I had no idea how much she needed to hear that.A month ago she had fallen, and was hospitalized and almost didn't make it. We exchanged names and Instagrams. I was so touched that moment, nothing seemed important.

Several months passed, and she came through the store again, looking for me. We hugged, I asked how she was doing, she told me she had her entire chemo floor talking about The Giving Keys and how that has helped her more than I'll ever know.


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