Visualization Of Inner Strength

I chose the word strength when deciding on the key to buy for my best friend. Physically he is already one of the strongest people I know and he is also very strong in characteristics like leadership, friendship, determination and courage. He also has a very big and strong heart. I did not choose this key because he is lacking in strength, I chose this key so he can look at it to remind him that he already has it and he can be anything he wants to be.

He is strong enough to make changes he chooses to make and he is strong enough to become the person he wants to be. I think his physical strength that you can see is just a visualization of his inner strength.

I hope that this key represents to him the strong love I have for him as my best friend and someone I will always be there for to listen and encourage him when he is doubting his own strength. Be strong inside and out and know that I love you.