Unspeakable Peace In The Midst Of Chaos

My name is Kaylor Sheehy and I am 19 years old. I received a Giving Key after graduating high school as I was preparing to move to Southern France for the next 9 months as a worship leader. This last year has been nothing short of the most incredible adventure as I have struggled to live on my own, communicate in a foreign language, travel, find unspeakable peace in the midst of chaos, and see how my word "Inspire" was destined to be the necklace around me neck. Life's different season have themes, and mine has been all across the board one that has taught me how my life and actions have the power to make a difference by just the way I live. 

I woke up a couple weeks ago and was preparing to accompany one of my super talented friends on the piano when I felt like my heart was telling me today I would give my key away. My friend who I was playing for is an incredible singer. I have been blessed to have seen a lot of talent in my life, and this girl is the real deal. As I put my necklace on, her name came to mind. She is very talented but doesn't have any confidence in herself. This word, "inspire", would act as her reminder. The word "inspire" meant something to me and I believe the word "inspire' is going to resinate and bring out something within her. I'm thankful to have had my key, but was sad the day I gave it away. I loved wearing it. It was my favorite accessory. But more than that, I loved what it helped engrave in my character that I no longer have to wear the necklace anymore to know that inspire people comes from your passion to live out the life you were called to live. And by by following that pursuit, you will cause a roar of inspiration. 

So now I'm going online to buy myself a new key. One that I feel is fitting for this season of my life as that reminder until the time has come that I will have gained my understanding of the word and it's appliance to my life. And when it's time, again, I'll give it away. 


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