Validate People's Growth

In July my friends and I did our annual girlfriends trip to Washington DC. We decided we were going to get matching bracelets and started walking around looking for a jewelry store. Instead we found a store with some unique items. One of those items was The Giving Keys. We bought three each and did a very complicated key exchange, and I wore those keys, courage, strength, and fearless, often until the moments came where I gave each key to women who needed them based on what they were going through.

Courage was given to a lady I worked with who could not let go of her dark past and opened up to me about some very personal things.

Strength was given to a friend you doesn't know how strong she really is after surviving sexual abuse as a child and struggles with self doubt.

This past weekend I gave fearless to my friend who is going through a divorce fearlessly. Her husband of 4 years asked her for a divorce after celebrating their anniversary.

I will buy more keys just so I can continue to help to validate people's growth and encourage positive movement.


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