Walk In Love

I recently gave the STRENGTH key to my sister-in-law to recognize her journey this past year after the tragic loss of her daughter, Amanda.

Amanda was a 27-year-old, beautiful woman on the brink of a life filled with joy. She had moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, to be with her fiancée and was weeks away from her wedding. In fact, the last time we saw her was at her bridal shower.

Amanda was attacked and killed in her apartment on June 18, and so began this heart-wrenching journey of struggle to "understand" how such a tragedy can happen.

My sister-in-law Crystal has shown nothing but STRENGTH in her living, grieving, and sharing of her pain at her daughter's passing. It has been grace-filled, raw, honest – brutally at times – open, and amazingly filled with such love.

I could not help but think to give her one of your keys.

Our family has started a foundation in Amanda's name with the mission "LIVE LAUGH LOVE....LEAVE A LEGACY" to show the power that one person can have in their even brief lifetime.

One of Amanda's favorite t-shirts said "WALK IN LOVE,"and that is why I love your mission. We all walk together in this journey, and we need to remember to pay it forward with love and STRENGTH.

Thank you.