We All Need Grace

My story is really one of receiving & gifting. My sister-in-law gave me my first key two years ago during a time that I needed to give and receive GRACE the most. Not only the word on my key, but the purpose of The Giving Key was so powerful and meant so much to me. I wear my key often, and until this year I had not thought of getting another one; God had other plans – I ordered my second key on Saturday morning with ZERO intentions of giving my first away (yes, I am ashamed to admit that 😊). But as my Saturday unfolded, I was reminded of a prayer request that I heard Monday at our women's ministry dinner. A young single mom, whom had been attending our Church for the last three years, that always sits within a few rows of us, was going to get serious with her relationship with Christ and stop hanging out with her friends. She was scared because she knew she would be lonely. This reminded me of myself ten years ago, and that is when God layed it on my heart to give her my key. It was so amazing; this time she didn't sit within a few rows of us, she sat right next to us! And when I explained to her what I was doing, she began to cry because she said had spoken to our Pastor and declared GRACE her word for the year! God is so good!! Thank you Giving Keys for making this possible!!