What Hopeless Feels Like

I received a Giving Key necklace from my sister because my husband and I were having a hard time getting pregnant. A couple months later, we found out we had a 1% chance of getting pregnant on our own. Our only option was IVF. I wear this necklace to help give me HOPE for the future! We just finished our first cycle of IVF, and this necklace has gotten me through this wait. We find out in 4 days if IVF worked!  

I am giving a Giving Key to my sister in law. She just had her 2nd miscarriage and is feeling very hopeless. I hope she can wear this necklace to make it until she gets pregnant and can carry a baby full term. I also want her to know that I may not know exactly what she is going through, but know what hopeless feels like. Hopefully she likes this necklace and it helps her get through this.