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Where Would We Be Without Hope?

Where Would We Be Without Hope?

I have received and given The Giving Keys Hope Necklace, and HOPE keeps going!

I got my HOPE Giving Key from five of my closest, oldest, dearest friends after a year of being breast cancer-free. I wore it every day until two months ago.

My daughter's friend, who is the mother of a 10 month-old baby, was diagnosed with breast cancer. For the first time, I took off my necklace, gently placed it back in its box, and took it to her. She was overjoyed and overwhelmed. Where would we be without HOPE?

I received a text from her last night. She learned of a new mother who was diagnosed with an uncommon form of neck cancer, in stage 4. For the first time, she took the HOPE Giving Key off and through a mutual friend, sent it to MD Anderson for another to receive our HOPE.

As a celebration of being breast cancer-free for two years, I am doing a solo hike of the Appalachian Trail, which is 80 miles through Georgia. My Giving Key for this adventure will be FEARLESS!

Thank you for all y'all do!!!


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