Willow Leitner x The Giving Keys #WordOfTheYear

Willow Leitner x The Giving Keys #WordOfTheYear

What word is on your key for 2023? What does it mean to you?

On my key I have the words "Do Good". I customized the key to say this because no matter what I do, where I go, who I speak with, I always want to approach each situation looking out for the little guy and treating people with kindness. No matter where I go, how far from home I am, how anxious I am, if I go into it knowing that I put my best put forward and had "Do Good" as my guide - then I know I will leave feeling empowered and like I helped bring a little light to the world. I have had times in my life, and I am sure everyone has, where times were tough, people were mean, etc and it made me realize how just being kind and doing good can be more beneficial for people you don't know than you may think. 

Why do you think human connection is so important in the world today?

I think human connection is so important in the world today because nowadays the majority of our time is spent staring at screens. Whether it's for our job, to relax, or to call friends - screens are just the way of the world now. That's why human connection, spending the time to check on each other and actually connect in real life is so important. People need human connection more than ever before; the internet can be an overwhelming place. Further, the holidays bring up lots of emotions for people, which is just another reason to have genuine human connection with people and to treat them with kindness!

Tell us the story of how you have passed on your key or how you plan to pass it on.

I have not passed my key on yet, but I believe that I will know when it is the right person or the right time. I plan to give it to someone close to me in their time of need when they feel like the world is overwhelming them. That as long as they use this saying as almost a guide or safety net, it can help them realize just how important they truly are to others and how what may feel like a small gesture coming from them can actually mean the world to someone else. Just Do Good.

Bio: Willow Lietner is an actress who enjoys food and travel.