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With Admiration

I recently gifted a Giving Key to my very best friend, Shannon, which has the word "Courage". There were so many words that would've made sense for her but I chose this one because courage is something she has more of than anyone I know. Especially to speak her mind.

Recently, she asked me if I was embarrassed of her because she so freely spoke what was on her mind, in public, in front of about 50 business people because she has some concerns. I watched her with admiration, not embarrassment. Only thing I wish I could've changed is that I was sitting next to her rather than across from her at our table and had a neon t-shirt that flashed "Team Shannon" in LED lights.

Because of her strong personality and strong will she gets things done. She is a go getter. I admire that about her and I know it doesn't always come easy for her although she sure can make it seem natural. I know sometimes she has to dig deep and find the courage to say certain things that need to be said. To do certain things that MUST be done no matter what and push through for her family, her employees, her clients and her friends.

I want Shannon to wear this key with the word "Courage" on it and I hope that it reminds her of how we all admire how strong and brave she is. How we ALL know we need her and look up to her. 


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