Without Love

Fifteen years ago I lost my virginity and got pregnant at the same time. Seven months later I told someone. Two and a half months after that I placed my baby in a strangers arms.

After that moment my life changed forever. There are no words to explain the depth or complexity of the pain, grief, and loss I felt after such a powerful event. Through letters and pictures I was able to keep up with her. "Her" being Regan, the beautiful girl I placed into those strangers arms.

In the fall of 2015 I decided it was time to start contact back up after almost 6 years of silence. Not knowing what to send to her, on her 14 birthday I came across "The Giving Keys" and I chose "Love". I sent the necklace to her in hopes that she would understand that all of this was because I loved her. I had always loved her, and that will never change.

I sent her that necklace on August 26, 2016. Since that date I was able to meet her. I was able to hug her. I was able to tell her, and look into her eyes, for the first time in 14 years and tell her how much she meant to me. She was wearing the necklace, and since the day she has received it she hasn't taken it off.

Love is the ultimate healer, and it has brought us together again. Without it her family would have never let me in with open arms and she wouldn't have the life she has today. Without love I would not be able to heal. Without love she would not understand why I did what I did. Without love none of this would have mattered.

She is the reason I am standing here today and why I have accomplished so much in my life. She called me today to tell me she made the lead in her 8th grade musical. There is no word besides "love" to describe her or our relationship. Love brought us together, and it has saved me. 


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