You Are The Backbone

To my dearest friend, 

I am giving you this strength key because you are one of the strongest women I know, but sometimes you need a reminder of how strong you really are. You have been through some tough times recently, yet you have managed to come out stronger than ever.  

S - You lost a loyal four legged friend, yet had the courage to open your heart to a new puppy
T - You stand by your husband, sharing your support, courage and resilience with him
R - You are a patient and nurturing mother, showing your children unconditional love
E - You opened your home to your mother, an offer that exceeds the bounds of generosity
N - You had courage to accept a challenging job, knowing the sacrifices accompanied with working full time
G - You moved to a new house and quickly turned it into a beautiful home
T - You are a great friend and share your wisdom when needed most 
H - You are the backbone of your family, they are blessed to have you 

Keep fighting and never forget your strength. Hold on to this key for as long as you need the reminder. When you find someone who needs strength more than you, pass the key on to them.