Discover our stylish, Herringbone Necklace chain draped in luxurious gold plating. The meticulously crafted piece showcases a fashionable trend, offering a sophisticated touch to every ensemble. Product specifications include:

  • 16" length with a 1.5" extender 
  • Chain engraved with SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD SO SHE DID around the length of the chain

She Believed

It’s all about what we choose to believe. Choose your thoughts like you choose your outfit. Choose to believe you’re stronger than you think. Choose to believe you have what it takes. Choose to believe your dreams will come true.

pay it forward

At The Giving Keys, we encourage you to embrace your word and then Pay It Forward to someone who needs it more than you when the time is right.

our give back partner


Chrysalis helps people who are transitioning out of homelessness and or navigating barriers to the workforce prepare for, find, and keep jobs.