The Courage to Carry On

In 2010 and 2011, I re-trained as a Social Worker in Dunedin New Zealand. I had been working as a teacher before this. I meet many people but one of my best friends made while studying was Joanna. We talked of our dreams while studying, semi believing we could change the world and semi fearing the dreams would say forever as conversations only. 

This year we are both living our dreams in reality - Joanna is living in America working for Invisible Children and has been to Uganda which was her dream. I am working as a social worker for a Disability focused organization called CCS Disability Action. To work in the disability sector as a social worker was my dream. 

To carry out our dreams took courage, especially after I had been sexually and physically assaulted in 2012. Joanna gave me this key of courage knowing how hard I had to fight to find my courage to continue on with my dream after this horrific event. 

I knew Joanna believed in my courage and loved that our friendship was still so strong even though she lived so far away now. I knew a special person would enter my life needing courage and I would give then the key, paying it forward. 

Shortly after wearing the key to work, one of my colleagues who is now a dear friend of mine, found out her sister had cancer. On the day of her sister's surgery I knew what she needed... she needed COURAGE so I gave her the key. 

We later found out another colleague is about to start treatment for cancer also, so she will pay it forward and give her the Key of Courage before her surgery. 

I know wearing this key was a reminder to me when I needed it that I do have courage and I hope it can be to these two ladies too.