Be Frightened of Nothing, Be Joyous in All Things

My daughter-in-law, Jamey, gave me one of these amazing keys for Christmas last year (2012).

It read "Fearless." She sensed that I would relate to it and I certainly did. But, I didn't want to give it up - it was special and reminded me of a value that I sought after. After all, it was MINE.

Yesterday, I was leaving for church and as an after-thought, put on my "Fearless" key. It didn't work with the outfit, but it worked with my soul! At least a half-dozen people asked what it was: the key to my safety deposit box? the key to my house? And each time, I told its story.

I knew then it was time for my key to become someone else's call to action. A beautiful young woman came in the room. She is dealing with metastatic melanoma. In the medical protocol that she has been accepted in, she is doing very well, but has to regularly travel far away from her family and job to be treated.

So beautiful Kristin, who is fearless in her own right, wears her key - a reminder to stay focused on recovery; be frightened of nothing; be joyful in all things.