Thank You For This

In September of 2015, my former husband and I made the difficult decision to end our marriage.

We were both very young when we met and spent the next 12 years of our lives doing what we thought we were supposed to, not necessarily what we wanted or desired. While there were good moments along the way, because we were not looking inward, we couldn't figure out why neither of us were happy. We often blamed each other. Once we started that inward path, first separately and then together, we realized how far apart we had grown. We had fallen out of love and done too much damage.

It was hard. It was painful for us both. But we always promised to be friends above all else. We never wanted to close the door on 12 years of our lives because we decided to no longer be married.

On September 18, 2015 my very close friend presented me with my key that said "Courage". He explained to me what it was and how proud he was of me for making such a brave but a necessary decision. And when I feel like I need it at this time in my life, to hang on it and embrace my courage. I started sobbing and hugged him tightly. I wore my key every day.

By February 27, 2016 our divorce was final. John made the decision to move West, but he was scared. He was moving out to a new city where he knew no one, with only a freelance job, and living on his own for the first time. I realized that it was time to pass my key to him.

The night of his going away soiree, I presented him with the key. He immediately started crying and said "I know what this is. Thank you." We hugged and cried for a bit, dusted ourselves off, and he had a proper send off that evening. I noticed at the bar he was already wearing it, tucking it beneath his t-shirt.

The following Monday he texted me a picture of it with the caption: "Getting ready to board. Thank you for this."

I can't think of a better way to pass on such a wonderful gift and I can't wait to see where this key ends up next.
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