Today was the first time I felt like I needed to pass on my Giving Key.

I am a professor and counselor at a community college in California and a few weeks back, I invited a guest speaker who did a presentation on mindful meditation. I am the type of person who stresses about anything and everything and this workshop really spoke to me. I learned how to meditate through breathing and have been practicing breathing exercises ever since.

I decided to buy the the key that says "Breathe" as a reminder to focus on my breathing when stress starts to consume me. I have been practicing quite a bit and I feel like I have embraced the message.

Last Friday a colleague of mine told me she just separated from her husband and has been out of the office because she is physically getting sick due to stress. She was in my heart and mind all weekend so this morning I took my necklace off and walked it straight into her office and shared The Giving Keys organization and what the key meant to me and why I was giving it to her. I am excited to see her embrace the "Breathe" message and pass it on.