Unbroken and Stronger Than Ever

My friend has been a dancer for all of her life. She ate, slept, and dreamt about dance.

One day she was performing and her knee gave out. She knew that her career in dance was over but I always had hope. She found out that she had no cartilage in her knee and she needed surgery. She kept strong with the support of her family and friends. The moment she said bye to me the day before her surgery I knew my necklace had to be hers. It had the word "unbroken" written on it. All I kept thinking was that she was going to recover and not be broken anymore.

She is in recovery now and soon to be dancing again! She is the strongest person I know and she will be better then she was before. She will find someone who needs the necklace more than she does when the time is right, just like I did.