On The Verge

My sisters got me my Inspire Giving Key necklace on my three year recovery birthday. In a short 3+ years, my world has been transformed into one of the most beautiful, unimaginably perfect stories. At least I think it's perfect - I have to believe that it is perfect. Today I know that God does have a perfect story for me but I may just be stubborn and not like it all the time.

You see, I came from a dark place just a short time ago. I was on the verge of losing everything. Sure, I could name all the material possessions that I had lost, but I'm actually talking about deep things: hope, faith, the ability to love and inspiration to live.

Through the grace of God I am sitting here today wearing this necklace that was given to me by two women who inspire me daily. They (this includes their husbands) never lost faith in me and I was restored. This is not my story, it is everyone's story, because the prayers that lifted me up and small acts of kindness that helped me through the days, hours and minutes did not come from me.

In three short years I have been present to welcome three nieces and three nephews into this world. God willing they will never see me under the influence of alcohol. They inspire me. Just a short time ago my husband and I found out we were pregnant for the first time, only to find out weeks later that we miscarried at 8 weeks. In my grieving process I was rewarded by learning about a community of women who had been through the same struggle. They inspire me. And last night, I was able to meet my new baby niece with so much joy and love despite my pain and struggles.

This story goes out to those who inspired me to recover and love others despite my challenges. The story of redemption and inspiration comes from within, and for that I am eternally grateful.

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