The Day I Recieved It

My name is Lorna and I was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer.

A dear childhood friend of mine whom I had reconnected with on Facebook sent me the "HOPE" key. I'll never forget the day I received it. I sat in my car and opened the envelope and read her note and seen the key and I just sat there and cried. She asked me to forward it to someone who needs it when I felt I was done with it.

I am through my chemo and will have a double mastectomy on April 5, 2016. But yesterday a person to whom I have only had the pleasure to talk to on the phone, that is a colleague, who knows what I have been going through, called me and told me she has been diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts. So I am now giving the Hope key to her. I feel I am done with the key, and she needs it more than me.