My Daughter

I ordered a Giving Key for my daughter as one of her Christmas gifts. I know that she will embrace its mission as she is a firm supporter of "paying forward." My problem was in deciding which key to give her; they each were perfectly suited for her.

BELIEVE: She seems to know that believing helps her to achieve whatever she attempts and that if the outcome isn't exactly as planned, there was a reason for it.

STRENGTH and COURAGE: She has these as well. She suffered a personal loss and kept it from the rest of the family as we were mourning the loss of a close family member at the time. She's made her way through many situations, when others might just sit and cry. When she was a child, I would call these "character building" - must be what helped to build her strong character.

HOPE and DREAM: I know she has dreams, and I have seen her work hard to accomplish them - a Summa Cum Laude College Graduate. And, she embraces hope for a great future for her 2-yr. old son.

FEARLESSNESS: Yes- she went to Tijuana by herself, made cold-call sales calls without procrastinating, attempted tight rope walking, addressed crowds of people as a high school nationally ranked public speaker, acted in many high school plays and goes forwards in situations that I would turn away from.

GRACE: In training in public speaking, I saw her speak with grace and ease as her coach changed what he wanted her to do and say just before she went on stage. Another kind of grace, she tripped up a step and didn't spill the drinks ("thanks to dance lessons," she said)!

LOVE, PEACE, TRUTH: I see her share these with her family and many friends and especially with me.

INSPIRE: This was my second choice. She inspires me everyday- the way she works hard at her job and has a great work ethic: helps her friends (and mostly me) with whatever is needed, makes time to play with her son and have date night with her husband, is very thoughtful and kind in all of her actions, and makes time for her friends and family.

GRATEFUL: This is the key I chose. I am so very grateful not only for the wonderful daughter she is, but for the wonderful person she has become. We all have choices in life, and I am grateful that her choices were the right ones for her. I know that she will take great pride in passing this key along to someone in her life that needs to know she is grateful for them. I already know she is grateful for me - she shows this every time we are together.



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