Faith, Friends, and Motherhood

Having faith comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. I bought the key to remind myself every day that I have to have faith in every aspect of my life. My two young daughters found the key extremely entertaining and I found myself explaining the meaning of it to almost everyone I came in contact with.

About two weeks after I bought the key, one of my best friends called to tell me one of her newborn twin daughters was in the hospital with a severe infection in her neck, thus delaying the photos she had intended to take for us that afternoon. On top of the stress of having a sick newborn and two other kids at home, she was due to return to her full time job in less than a week. What I haven't mentioned is that my friend is an extremely gifted photographer, something she does on the side for fun and to give her kids that little bit extra.

Since the day she found out she was pregnant she has been struggling with the idea of being a stay at home mom versus going back to work. Oftentimes it has led us into some tearful conversations. I gave her the key because I want her to always have faith in herself, in her photography, and her amazing ability to put everyone's needs before her own without once complaining about it.

It may seem minimal in comparison, but being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done and I am constantly in awe of Courtney. I mean have you ever seen someone hold two babies, feed a six year old, and help her 18 year old son with college papers, and then put dinner on a table?! She is amazing and I want her to always keep the faith that everything will work itself out. 

This photograph is an example of her beautiful work. 



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