To Say The Least

I was given a Courage Giving Key in 2014 for Christmas shortly after my 5th spine surgery.

I have lived with chronic pain from Degenerative Disc Disease for over 6 years.

In 2010 I had four spine surgeries within 5 months, my husband left me, I lost my house, career and almost my life. I cannot count the number of days that I wanted to give up. It has been a fight to say the least and this key meant so much to me and the word that it represents which is the courage to get through my story.

Recently a dear friend of mine has had a triple fusion in her cervical spine and is also headed for back surgery just like me. I feel very strongly that it is time to pass my key to her to keep during her journey as she has a long road ahead.

I hope that it gives her more courage and strength to endure her painful surgeries and recovery.