Halo of a Fallen Angel

BRAVE. That is our Giving Key. A key given to a very special 13 year old daughter who lost her mother way too soon.

What is BRAVE?

It is a wonderful wife and mother who became a mom later in life after years of trying but never giving up. It is an inspirational wife and mother who fought cancer for seven long, tortuous years but never giving up. It is a nurturing wife and mother that never let her disease define her as a wife and mother even in excruciating circumstances she would never give up. It is an inspiring person whose love and zest for life was infectious and taught her friends how to live better and to never give up.

BRAVE is a husband and father whose love and affection drove him to do whatever possible to make her well and would never give up. It is now a father that faces the wonder and challenge of raising a 13 year old daughter on his own and he will never give up.

BRAVE is a miracle 13 year old girl who stood by her mother's side in the best and worst of times and would never give up. It is a strong 13 year old girl that now knows her father needs her as much as she needs him and she will never give up.

BRAVE is a widowed father and a young lady without a mom moving on with their lives with their precious wife and mothers light always shining the way for them and teaching them every day to never give up.

BRAVE is Carol, Don and Melissa. They are BRAVE enough to live life to its fullest, BRAVE enough to fight and win a battle with cancer - yes win.

BRAVE enough to say goodbye when the time came knowing that the wife and mother lived more of a life in her short time than most people do in a longer lifetime, and BRAVE enough to rise above the sadness and pain by letting the halo of a fallen angel light their world and remind them every day to stay BRAVE.

-Mike & Kellie