Daughters, Mothers, Sisters, and Friends

For Christmas 2013 I bought "peace" and "blessed" keys for my daughters. Life is so busy for some of them just now. I want them to feel my prayers and good wishes that they feel God's peace amidst the crazy times of these days - that if they can just do their best, He will take care of the rest.

While we are all blessed in many ways, one daughter in particular is just in a good place right now. I want her to remember how this feels, and remember all the ways she and all her sisters are still blessed when her own crazy times recur!

I also bought "hope" and "trust" keys for my sisters. We are all very different, but have some things in common, especially a concern for our children. I want them all to know I pray daily for their children, as I do my own. I want them to remember to have hope that their children will work through their difficulties and to trust God to take care of them when we can't.

Finally, I bought "courage" for a dear friend, who has lots of changes coming up both in her career and in her personal life. I want her to stay strong to her chosen path and know she will end up safe on the other side of her journey. I loved the idea of these giving keys and wanted to share them with the women I love.