A Simple Sign of Courage

Things haven't been easy for my family lately. We've gone from being well off, to my mom losing her job and now finding it hard to make ends meet. My dad and I have been fighting non stop it seems since I've met my boyfriend. We've always been close but now we don't get along like we used to and are drifting further and further apart. And everyday, we deal with the stress of my brother having a rare disease and trying to find the money to pay the medical bills. It's like our house is just always in chaos. 

One day I was sitting in my room crying after getting into it with my dad for the millionth time, and my mom came in and gave me a bag saying she thought it'd be perfect for me. I opened it up and saw a key necklace that had "courage" engraved on it. My eyes filled with tears and I grabbed her and thanked her. I don't think she knows how much this necklace actually means to me.

Rarely am I courageous, and this necklace makes me feel like I can step up more and have more courage in myself. It may sound weird, but the necklace gives me more confidence and makes me feel like I have the strength to have courage. This necklace is something I'll be wearing for a very long time until I need to pass it on to someone who needs it more than me... perhaps my future daughter? I hope someday when I pass this necklace along, it'll have the same effect on someone that it had on me.