Holding Tight To Courage

Each year, one of my husband's associates gives something that gives back during the holidays. This year we received a "COURAGE" key. Upon opening the package, I thought, "What a beautiful idea!" And, I really thought the key was kind of cute. 

A few evenings later as we were walking out to our last holiday party of the year, I got a whisper to go get the key and wear it. It was a great conversation starter and for some reason, I had a feeling that I wouldn't have it for long. After a few hours of visiting, one of our dearest friends showed me her fingernails, which had black streaks running through them. "Odd," I thought, but she is a talented gardener and has the most amazing greenhouse. She mentioned that she also had some arm pain and had just visited the doctor who feared that she may have melanoma. My friend seemed a bit nonchalant, but in her next statement she said that it could mean the cancer is everywhere. But she really wasn't that worried about it. 

As I sat with this for a moment, I thought, "Could it be cancer, or something else? After all she is one of the most healthy and positive people I know." Something in me nudged me to press her just a bit more... "Really? Are you sure you are okay? You seem a little too fine about it." She went on to say that a clipping of her nail had been taken and would be tested and she would know more in the next 2 weeks. But then she admitted, "The only time I worry is in the middle of the night. Then I am scared." 

By now, I had forgotten that I had accessorized my outfit with the Giving Key. At that moment, I told her that I had a gift for her. It also happened to be her birthday, and although I had not planned on giving her a key for her birthday, I told her that it was obviously meant for her to have and to remember to hold tight to COURAGE in the times that she felt fear. I told her to wear the key and to keep it as long as she still needed it but that one day, she would not need it and would be charged to pay it forward to the next person who needed to remember to stand strong in their courage, to trust The Lord, and know that we are protected by his love.

Yesterday I called to see what she knew from the test results. The lab had dropped her sample so she has to wait 2 more weeks. She said that the Giving Key had really helped her to remember to stay strong. We are hoping for the best and are glad that a little extra COURAGE is making a big difference during this time. 



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