The Possibilities

I'd like to say that this story is going to be so inspiring - INSPIRE being the word on my key - that you will shed tears of joy and happiness by the end... but really it was very simple. I received the necklace in a box of products that I subscribe to (FitFunFab), and I thought the entire idea was genius.

We need more selfless giving in the world so I knew the day I would wear it that I would give it away very easily. Today was that day. When I put it on this morning, a smile crossed my face at the possibilities in paying it forward, I decided I would give it to the first person who complimented me on it. I knew this could happen at any time and was ready with anticipation. I lasted six hours at my large office building. Finally, a woman who I supervised but who had recently moved to a different area in the building, came to visit me and mentioned the necklace. I was nothing but thrilled to take it off my neck and bestow it upon her. She has inspired me to be a better person with every interaction I have with her.

She was so surprised and almost didn't accept it. I explained the story of it and showed her the website. She was glowing by the end of our conversation. And so was I. I just found out that she liked the idea of how I gave it away so much that she turned and also gave it right away to the next person that mentioned it. We are hoping it continues this way. We have 1000 employees in our office from all walks of life. It could end up anywhere!